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The Federation of European Independent Financial Advisers

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FEIFA is a Trade Association that exists for the benefit of consumers and of its Members, who are English-speaking Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs). It provides a strong voice for the IFA community across Europe and beyond; representing the sector both with financial institutions and, where relevant, with governments and regulatory bodies.
The Federation is not available to all IFA companies. By only admitting Members following a relevant vetting and due diligence procedure, FEIFA provides consumers with an independent assessment of the regulatory status of its Member companies. Our Members also sign up to a Code of Conduct.
FEIFA provides a service to IFAs by helping to establish a favourable operating environment, a forum for discussion and by distributing considerable industry and technical information to assist them in their businesses. 
Please see our Role & Services page for further details of the scope of FEIFA, or for further information on the Membership benefits for IFAs please see the Members' Benefits Factsheet on our Downloads page.

Benefits for IFA's
This site aims to highlight the main benefits that FEIFA can provide for potential Members. These are explained on the Role & Services page and a factsheet summarising Member's Benefits can also be found on the Downloads page. If you would like to be considered for membership, please Contact Us.
Benefits for Consumers
By not automatically accepting all IFA's, and by instigating an appropriate due diligence process with regards to all Membership applications, FEIFA ensures that, to the best of its knowledge, any Member of the Federation has proven itself to be appropriately regulated and licensed for its activities. Our Members also sign up to a Code of Conduct, which provides criteria as to the manner in which they should look after their clients. Prospective clients can check whether a company is a Member of FEIFA by viewing our Member List page. If you would like to view the full list of benefits for Consumers, please see the relevant factsheet in our Downloads section.
FEIFA is also a Partner Association of CIFA -

Useful information and articles 
For a range of articles, blogs and guides that are relevant to expats and anyone with "international" assets please see here.

Latest News
Rathbone Brothers Plc  partners with FEIFA  

Developments in the recent past 

 International Adviser interview our CEO about our Code of Conduct or the  Evolution of the Federation or the risks of advising expats for UK advisers 

All media coverage can be seen here

Contact Details
The easiest way to communicate with us is via our Contact Us page.
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